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Sisters | North Dallas Frisco Childrens Photographer

First off, I have to say that I LOVE these girls!  I love their parents, too, but these  little girls are SO fun to photograph.  This was our third photoshoot together, and by this point I almost feel like part of the family.  I even ate dinner with them in their home before our Image Premiere began.  And seriously, Palio’s pizza is to DIE for!  Thanks for a great time, as always Jensen family!  I can’t wait to get your beautiful order in so you can see those adorable girls of yours large and on the wall!
Dallas Frisco Childrens Photography

This next image is the one they chose to go on canvas large above their mantle: LOVE IT!

Dallas Frisco Childrens PhotographyDallas Frisco Childrens PhotographyDallas Frisco Childrens Photography

Sea World | Dallas Childrens Photographer

We went to Sea World on Friday to celebrate Mackay’s birthday.  And I can’t believe how much fun it was!  I hadn’t been since I was young, and all I could focus on now that I was all grown up was how expensive those dang tickets were.  Until we got there…and I saw the looks on my children’s faces…heck, I’m sure the look on my face brought me back to being a kid again.  But then I paid $30 for face paint, and I was brought back to my adult self.  It was such a blast, and I had so much fun creating this slideshow with my iPhone.  Enjoy!

Oh, and as an FYI: The last picture in the slideshow is a snapshot of the picture we just HAD to buy after getting off a roller coaster.  Because it actually captured the moment right after Nate ELBOWED ME IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD.

Aly Porter - Hey Kalli!
I loved this slideshow :) It’s awesome! You did a fantastic job! I was wondering, it looks like you flew on an airplane to go to Sea World. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you go? Was it to San Antonio? It looks like we are 99% sure we are moving to College Station, TX, so we will only be about 3 hours from you guys give or take. :) Again, great post–the video was so cute!

Kalli - We did fly to San Antonio, it is only a 40 minute flight from Dallas (as opposed to a five hour drive–gotta love airplanes!) You’ll love Texas, Aly!

lexi - That last picture is so awesome I had to watch it twice, then I paused it to get a good laugh. What was your opinion of Sea World for Zack? We’re going to California with my family and Disneyland is a sure thing, but we’re wondering if Sea World would be worth the money for a little guy like Parker (3.5 years old).

Kalli - He did really well and really loved it. The shows they have involving the animals are really, really great–and Parker will absolutely love them! And getting to feed dolphins is priceless! I guess it just depends on your exhaustion level by that time. But I highly recommend it. Especially for the shows.

My Little Girl | Dallas Childrens Photographer

Mackay is about to turn 5.  Which means in September she will be in kindergarten.  Yeah, the 7 hours-a-day-gone-from-home-and-away-from-mom place.  I’m not quite sure I’m ready.  Thinking about it can bring me to tears and we’ve still got five months until the beginning of the school year.  So I guess I’m pretty sure I’m not ready.  I just cannot imagine her. being out in the world. without me.  She’ll have to make her own decisions.  Solve her own problems.  Make her own friends. Stand up for her own self.  all alone.  What if she gets lost in the hall?  What if someone is mean to her?  What if she starts crying?  What if she drops her lunch?  What if she can’t find someone to play with during recess? (And here’s where my heart sinks.)

But Mackay is so excited.  All she wants to do is grow up.  I can drive the car, I promise! she tells me.  I can go in the store myself.  I can stay at home by myself.  I can do my own hair.  I can make my own smoothies.  I can cut my own pancakes.  It really never ends.  She even tells me she needs a cell phone…so she can text her friends.

So on Sunday after our general meeting, just when we were to split up into classes, Mackay told me she could take herself.  She didn’t need me.  I immediately didn’t want her to go, but I knew she could do it herself.  My little girl, in the big sea of people walking through the hall.  I knew she knew where her class was and where her teachers were.  As much as I didn’t want her to I let her go.  She really is growing up, I told myself.  I watched her walk out of the room.  And then my class started and I put it out of my mind.

And then Nate walked in, after taking our son to his class.  And he told me he found Mackay.  In the hall.  By herself.  Crying.  She said that she decided she did want her mom after all.  She said that she missed me.  And I knew that no matter how big and grown up she appears to be, no matter how much she tells me I’ve ruined her life because she can’t have a cell phone, she’s still my little girl.  And oh how much I love her.My little girl | Dallas Childrens Photographer

Linda - Very tender thoughts. I can totally relate.

grandma sharon - Wow, yes very tender thoughts indeed. I’m sitting here with lots of tears, because at this stage of my life everyone is all grown up and gone. I’m old and I’m not really sure how I got here so fast. I don’t feel old but the numbers say I am, and there’s no one around that does need me anymore. I guess that’s part of why I love my Tuesday morning calling so much, there are many who are gone who need us.
I love your blog, you are going to appreciate it more and more as the years go by and so are Mackay and Zack.
Just enjoy and love them and give them lots of hugs and kisses, our children need us for such a short time but we always need them.
Love the book “Love You Forever”!
Have a great day, you are such a talented young mother and wife! Love you all!

Molly - My same EXACT fears for Isaac this year! Plus now we are moving and what friends he was going to have at school to “stick together with” will be gone. I don’t know if I can do this!

Stephanie - Aw, she is such a sweet heart and it’s no wonder she loves her momma so much! :)

Sweet Baby Girl. Take 2. | Dallas Newborn Photographer

Since I was out of town earlier in the week and I didn’t have access to all of my images for my blog post, Wednesday I showed you Baby A’s slideshow. How beautiful it is, I still could not pass on showing you some images the good old fashioned way. Where you can ooh, and aah, and stare at her all day long. Because seriously, this little girl is just too sweet not to stare at all day long!  I think the last one is my favorite….at least today…
Dallas Newborn PhotographerDallas Newborn PhotographerDallas Newborn PhotographerDallas Newborn PhotographerDallas Newborn Photographer

Marcy - These are just too precious. Thanks for making my smile today!

Sweet Baby Girl | Dallas Newborn Photographer

I had such a wonderful time with this sweet little newborn!  She was an absolute dream to work with, and her big brother was so excited to have a new baby sister.  I love the bond between siblings!  I am still out of town, but will be back tonight!  So for now, enjoy this slideshow from  my most recent newborn session!



Jaclyn - Oh Kalli, those are so beautiful!! You did an amazing job!

e. - she is a darling little bean, and these pictures are so great, kalli. i’m sure marti will treasure them.