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    I am so glad you stopped by my blog! Either your first visit or your hundreth, this is where you can get to know me on a more personal level, find out what my two wonderfully crazy kids are doing, see my most recent sessions, and get first access to any specials or events going on!

    So take a break from stressful work or hyper children (you know you want to) and unwind a bit with me!


Cousins | Dallas Childrens Photographer


I LOVE these kids. And I LOVE that they are cousins and best friends.  They remind me so much of my own childhood.  My mom and her older sister were (and still are) best friends.  Each family had 5 children, so close in age that each child had their own playmate whenever we got together.  So many of my favorite memories involve my cousins.  And I am so glad these kids have each other!  I know they will be able to grow up together and have so many wonderful experiences to reminisce  all involving their cousins.

Dallas Childrens Photographer by Kalli Barker

Yes, this next picture does involve a fake mustache.  We had so much fun with that thing! I think we even gave someone a uni-brow??

Dallas Childrens Photographer by Kalli Barker

Singing in the Bathroom | Dallas Childrens Photography

Nate was out of town all weekend, leaving me solo.  After an exceptionally long Saturday, the kids and I had just come out of a movie theater and were going to grab a bite to eat.  I had done the math in my head, carefully calculating that by the time we reached home after dinner it would be bedtime.  (Bliss.)

We entered Chick fil a, and as soon as I was about to order Mackay had to go to the bathroom.  Okay, go by yourself, I said.  (I was exhausted by inopportune bathroom breaks.)  By the time she skipped out of the bathroom Zack and I were already sitting down with our food. 

A lady found me in the bathroom and told me I was a beautiful singer, Mackay told me way too chearfully.

Wh–you were singing in the public restroom?  I loudly whispered over the table.  Of course she was.  When is the girl NOT singing?  She was super proud of herself.  Zack then informed us that if he were to sing in the bathroom he would sing “Old McDonald”.

He then had to run to the bathroom.

He wouldn’t let me come with him, but exhausted, I still followed behind.  Peeking through the door I saw him look under all the stalls, and then start singing “Old McDonald had a Farm.”  Luckily just one verse, the cow verse, and then he cheerily opened the door and hopped back to his seat.

I can’t make these things up.


Kim - I love this!! I love that Zack had to be just like his big sister.

Brothers | Dallas Childrens Photographer

Ha! Have you noticed it’s been a while??  I recently took a lot time to think about my business and my time.  Two separate, but completely connected things.  Figuring out where I could get more time for my family my blog came onto the chopping block a bit.  So sad, but at least for this summer, (the last one I’ve got with my daughter before she leaves me for kindergarten), I wanted to focus as much time as possible on those squishy little cheeks.  I knew you’d understand!

But I still wanted to update you all on my most recent sessions that I have been able to enjoy so much.  And there is no better way than to show you these adorable brothers–some of my favorite returning clients!

Dallas Childrens Photographer by Kalli Barker

This next image is the one this family chose to be hung above their mantle.  A great 20X30 canvas made the perfect statement piece for their family room!

Dallas Childrens Photographer by Kalli BarkerDallas Childrens Photographer by Kalli BarkerDallas Childrens Photographer by Kalli Barker

Around the House | Dallas Photographer

I love making lists.  I LOVE making lists.  I am very good at organizing and productivity…on paper.  Which is why I spent the better part of today working on this:

A two-month cleaning schedule.  Oh wait, let me rephrase that.  A two-month, pretty font, color coded cleaning schedule.  And before I break off of this organizational high, I wanted to share it with all of you–just in case I can’t mark every chore off in flawless duty, I won’t feel like a total failure, right?

Let me give you a tour: On the far left is a list of chores that need to be done daily.  Blue chores are done on a weekly basis. Green chores done every-other week.  And Red chores done once every two months.  Wednesday are our “no-tv day”, and has turned into a day full of fun.  For the kids, this day cannot be tainted with extra chores.  And Saturdays are pretty much the “honey-do list” days.  And changes weekly.

And if you are interested in this free printable, you can click on the links here: for the   pdf  , and the excel spreadsheet (to make your own changes).

(And the fact that I included a pdf and excel spreadsheet is nothing short of miraculous.)

e. - stealing this. somehow living out of my mom’s spare bedrooms has made me itchy to clean and nest. i give it a week (clarification: i give myself a week, not you).

Stephanie - Haha, this is great! I can just see you having tons of fun color coding this, etc. :)

Cierra - I am so stealing this and USING it! Its like I was led to check your blog for this exact reason! (especially since I hardly ever do anything with blogs anymore) I have been wanting to make my own chore chart, weekly/monthly one, for a while, and I just haven’t got around to it. So thank you thank you for posting this. =) You saved me some time, and sanity.

Kalli - I am so glad this will be useful to more than just myself! Clean away. :)