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Picture Perfect! | Dallas Family and Childrens Photographer

I had so much fun with this family!  We squeezed a session in just before they jumped in the car for a trip to Sea World!  So the kids were absolutely wonderful–knowing if they were good they could get on their way to San Antonio.  We went for a more formal session and I’m so glad we did.  They brought out the beauty of our location perfectly.  And when I saw this image, as a framed 20X30 canvas, above their mantle–nothing could have looked better! Dallas Family and Childrens Photography by Kalli BarkerFramed canvas you ask?  Though not regularly offered in my product line, when I presented the Image Premiere in this family’s home, we knew we loved the large canvas, and we knew we wanted it above the fireplace.  But we were worried about how it would stand out against the rock background in their home.  They asked if we could frame the canvas.  I had seen it done before, so I said of course!  And we jumped in with both feet.  And it was the best decision we could have made for their space and the look they were going for.  Combining the contemporary canvas with the formal frame was absolutely perfect!

And these adorable faces–the best.

Dallas Family and Childrens Photography by Kalli BarkerDallas Family and Childrens Photography by Kalli BarkerDallas Family and Childrens Photography by Kalli Barker

At the end of every session I turn to Mom and Dad and ask if there are any other ideas or poses they would like me to capture with camera before we finish up, and then I turn to the kids and ask them the same question.  Possibly the funnest part–because kids ALWAYS have an idea. :)  Enter this next picture:Dallas Family and Childrens Photography by Kalli Barker

Linda - I loved all these pictures. What a priceless treasure for these parents to have!!!

Oh, Mackay.

Oh Mackay.

Your first day of kindergarten is fast approaching.  And with each passing day I see in your face how scared you are.  I imagine the tightening in your chest, the lightness in your head, and the butterflies in your stomach.  I can imagine it so well because I am feeling it, too.  Right alongside you.  And I want you to know you are not alone.  I try not to let my face reflect the anguish I am feeling, I try to turn my head when the tears start to burn, because I am trying to be brave for you.  And then I look into your eyes and see how brave you are trying to be for me.  Together I think we make a terrible brave and stoic mess.  Maybe we should just sit down and cry together.  Stop pretending.  But I’m not sure if that will make it any easier.

I know in my heart you are ready.  But these last few days are full of last minute cramming and quizzing.  “Mackay, remember the vowels are A, E, I, O, U.”  “Mackay, make sure you wipe your mouth off after lunch—you don’t want to walk around all day with food on your face.”  “Mackay, to make a friend just go up to someone nice and ask her name. Ask her favorite color.”  If hers is purple, too, you know you have found a best friend. “Mackay, remember my phone number, and address, and license plate number.”  Remember how to get to your classroom.  Remember that no kid can make you feel bad about yourself, because you are beautiful, and you are big, and you are smart.  But if someone says something mean, feel free to punch them in the face.  Remember that it’s okay to cry.  But try not to.  It’s probably not a good idea to sing in the bathroom.

And when you find your first crush, please be sure to tell me his name.   My first crush was in kindergarten, too.  His name was Brad.  He was so handsome and funny.  One day I wore my most beautiful dress to school to impress him.  He noticed.  But he told me my dress made me look pregnant.  I was devastated.  Make sure to tell me the name of your second crush, too.

On your first day of school I want you to look nice.  I want your hair to be perfect.  I want you to remember what you learned in school.  I want you to make lots of friends.  But the most important thing I want you to remember is to be kind.  To everyone.  (Sometimes boys need to be punched, but you can still be nice to them, too.) That is the most important thing that you need to remember for your whole life.  Because that may be the only thing that ever really matters.  Not grades, or hair, or shoes, or popularity, really.

And also remember that I really, really love you.  And every minute you are gone I am thinking about you.  And missing you.  And rooting for you.  Because you can do it.  We can do it.  And we will—come Monday.

Molly - Thanks for making me bawl like a baby one again. Isaac starts on Monday as well and I am trying so hard not to break down in tears everytime I look at him. Why do our babies have to grow up and enter the world so fast?!

Stephanie Purcell - Aw, you are such a good mom and friend! :) McKay is so lucky.

Stephanie Purcell - *Mackay* :)

Baby Kennley | Dallas Newborn Photographer

This family contacted me for a newborn photo shoot when their little girl was already a few months old.  Though newborns usually need to be photographed between 3 and 10 days of age, I was not going to say no to creating beautiful images for this new little family.  And though it took a few extra minutes to get this sweet baby girl to go to sleep.  Once she was asleep she was ASLEEP. (If you know what I mean.)  She did absolutely amazing for her photo shoot and I loved getting to cuddle this slightly chunkier little angel!

Dallas Newborn Photography by Kalli BarkerDallas Newborn Photography by Kalli BarkerDallas Newborn Photography by Kalli BarkerDallas Newborn Photography by Kalli Barker

Kristi Parker - Super cute Kalli! I especially love the last shot. And the other nice thing about a 3 month old is that their belly button isn’t crusty and nasty! :)

Stephanie Purcell - :) How sweet! I love her chunkiness!

Elizabeth McClure - Thank you so much Kalli! They are all incredibly adorable! We love them all! You are amazing at what you do.

Baby Claire | Dallas Newborn Photography

Those dang newborns just steal my heart.  And seeing a new baby girl with her new big brother gets me every time!  This session unfortunately had to be delayed a week when I came down with an awful cold.  (Thankfully in almost four years this is the one and only time I had to reschedule a session!)  No way did I want to get my germs anywhere near this new bundle of joy.  Unfortunately, when I showed up a week later Mom had caught the exact same nasty thing that I had kept away, and then so did big brother!  Luckily this new baby girl never got sick.  I think we can all recognize that as a little miracle!Dallas Newborn PhotographerDallas Newborn PhotographerDallas Newborn PhotographerDallas Newborn PhotographerDallas Newborn Photographer

Jaclyn Hunter - Oh my goodness! I haven’t looked at these in a couple of months, and they mean even more to me now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Stephanie Purcell - These are amazing Kalli! I can only hope to be like you someday. 😉