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Dijon Ham & Asparagus Roll-Ups | Dallas Fort Worth Children and Family Photographer

Have I TOLD you how much I love Pinterest?  Especially for recipes.  It is absolutely amazing.   I found this recipeView full post »

Honey-lime Chicken Enchiladas | Dallas Fort Worth Children and Family Photographer

I made this for Nate one night.  Another enchilada dish, I thought, hoping he would like it.  See, enchiladas were oneView full post »

Pecan Crusted Salmon | Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

So when we made this a few weeks ago I tried to photograph it, but I soon realized my food photographing skills isView full post »

Menu Planner | Dallas Fort Worth Child and Family Photographer

Here’s how it works, (or doesn’t work), for me:  When it’s that time of the week to go to the groceryView full post »

Mmmm. . . V | Dallas Fort Worth Child and Family Photographer

So about a year ago there was a special tv thing on Fox.  Gordon Ramsay hosted a cook-along.  You could go on-lineView full post »

Mmmm. . . VI | Dallas Fort Worth Custom Family Photographer

When I was pregnant with Zack I started craving fish.  Weird, for me.  Growing up I always hated seafood, Chinese, andView full post »


For all those who have half a dozen frozen, black bananas in your freezer.  Oh, that’s just me?  . . . *awkwardView full post »


I absolutely LOVE the fall.  And I absolutely LOVE being able to rotate my summer clothes out for my sweaters, and myView full post »


I was never much of a homemaker.  I remember one day my mom told me I would have to start doing my own laundry.  *Ch*View full post »

Mmmm… II

My sister-in-law made these when I was visiting one day.  (Yeah, the favorite one.)  And they were off the hoozleView full post »


As every facebook follower knows, I HATE grocery shopping.  With a passion.  With the kind of passion that starts andView full post »