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Just so you know…

I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY HATE HALLOWEEN CANDY.  My children turn into little neurotic, violent monster-devils.  And I have no control.  They want candy for breakfast?  Sure.  Snacks? Sure.  Lunch? What the heck.  AND THE CANDY ISN’T GONE YET.  Today is the last day.  It will be gone by tonight.

Unfortunately, I didn’t run across this blog post until after Halloween had passed.  “The Great Pumpkin”.  Your kids leave their candy on the doorstep when they go to bed Halloween night.  And when they wake up in the morning they find a TOY in it’s place.  Via “The Great Pumpkin”.  So doing this next year.  And I’m pretty frustrated I didn’t come across this post sooner.  Before I had suffered the violence of the monster-devils.

Yesterday Zack wanted his Halloween costume on.  I put it on him and he said, “Candy!”  No.  You can’t just dress up whenever you want and collect candy.

Also yesterday I bought my first Christmas presents of the year.  Let the Holiday shopping begin.  And let Halloween be officially counted as OVER.

Happy Friday!

Ben - Send the leftovers to work with Nate in a bowl for his desk. His co-workers will make quick work of it!

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