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I got this message from a client and regular blog reader and friend the other day:

Your “Proof Movement” has hit home with me. You are so right- I find that I am always behind the camera, hiding from family photos because my makeup is not done or my hair isn’t fixed. Here is my PROOF!

And then she SENT ME A PICTURE of her with her daughter.

You have GOT to be kidding me!  My jaw seriously dropped and my eyes started to tear up.  At our last session this woman, BEAUTIFUL, by the way, only wanted me to photograph her daughters–with absolutely no images that included her.  And of course I pushed a little bit, and made her get in a few shots with her kids at the end of our session.  Great, great, great–but no, she was not putting those up on the wall.  But I am so passionate about preserving our lives for our children that I started this “My Proof” blog post to force myself to document ME with my kids.  No matter what my hair looks like, or my house looks like, yadda yadda yadda.  And here this wonderful woman found the courage and the inspiration–from something I did?  I couldn’t feel more blessed.  You know who you are, and I just have to say, thank you, thank you, thank you–for touching me just as much as you say I’ve touched you.  Here’s to many more pictures of US!

Mom in picture with Child | Dallas Fort Worth Deep Ellum Children and Family PhotographerWhen we were out in Deep Ellum for Zack’s photoshoot I gave my camera to Nate for a few minutes.  I want a picture that looks just like this from this angle.  Stand this far back… Zack gives me kisses all the time.  And not just kisses, but pull me in with his teeny little hands kind of kisses.  Definitely something that won’t last forever and definitely something I always want to remember.  So thank you, Nate–for being my wonderful photographer.  And thank you to Zack, for actually cooperating when a camera is around.  This is a memory I will absolutely cherish.

Lindsey Walker - Kalli, I love this picture. It is frame worthy! I agree with getting in the pictures with your kids. I try to take a lot of pics with Max because I want to remember every last moment of this time in life.

Cammie - So precious! That is the sweetest kiss!

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