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Thank you! It was wonderful | Dallas Fort Worth Child and Family Photographer

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes.  I feel so loved!  I had a great birthday thisView full post »

Ode to Kalli–Today is her birthday | Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

Hello, Nate here.  I don’t often hijack Kalli’s blog but today is her birthday.  In today’s high-View full post »

Emily Claire by Kalli Barker

Baby Emily | Dallas Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

I really don’t know why I do it.  But somehow I put myself in these kinds of situations often.  –TryingView full post »

Binkie needs to go by Kalli Barker

The binkie has to go | Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

He’s 21 months.  The binkie is still a huge part of our lives.  And it needs to go.  Our dentist said so.  AndView full post »

Roatan Honduras by Kalli Barker

Cruise III | Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

Roatan, Honduras.  A place I want to live?  Heavens, no.  A place I want to visit again someday?  Soon?  Oh heckView full post »

Caribbean Cruise by Kalli Barker

Cruise II | Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

My mom put this cruise together. After health issues in the family, and a death, reality of how short life is reallyView full post »

Nate and Coconut by Kalli Barker

Cruise I | Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

Aaah… only a week ago we were on a cruise.  Enjoying the local, fresh coconuts that were actually not so good. View full post »

Pecan Crusted Salmon | Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

So when we made this a few weeks ago I tried to photograph it, but I soon realized my food photographing skills isView full post »

Julianna and Tarjei by Kalli Barker

Julianna and Tarjei are getting married! | Dallas Fort Worth Engagement Photographer

This weekend Nate’s sister, and my wonderful sister-in-law, will be getting married.  Finally!  A relationshipView full post »

Bugs and Little Boys by Kalli Barker

What We Do for Love | Dallas Fort Worth Childrens Photographer

That would be a spider.  In a baby jar.  In my hand.  Ever wonder how far a mom would go for her little boy?  ForView full post »

Guess Where I am Right Now | Dallas Fort Worth Childrens Photographer

(source) Guess where I am right now?  Don’t know…don’t care…somewhere in the middle of theView full post »

Hunter Family by Kalli Barker

Express Yourself | Dallas Fort Worth Child and Family Photographer

I’m pretty sure I laughed out loud. A lot.  This young one knew how to express himself.  When he was happy…View full post »

Playing Pretend and Greatest Diet Idea by Kalli Barker

Playing Pretend and Greatest Diet Idea | Dallas Fort Worth Childrens Photographer

I was doing the laundry when I looked up at the clock and realized it was 11:45am.  What do you want for lunch, MackayView full post »