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Pony Express, bailing hay, and a trip down memory lane

Kalli is always asking for me to support her in her photography.  Somehow putting the kids to bed on her busy nights (View full post »

Giving Back

The Holiday Season is the time to have the Christmas Spirit.  And for photographers, we start thinking about thisView full post »

Mmmm… II

My sister-in-law made these when I was visiting one day.  (Yeah, the favorite one.)  And they were off the hoozleView full post »

Too cute to handle

They are our good friends. And every time we see them Nate gives the following scenario: 15 years from now our twoView full post »

Because I’m just that crafty…

Mackay is in a soccer class. Not a soccer team– I saw too many signs that she was just like me, and thereforeView full post »

Just so you know…VI

It was morning and Nate asked Mackay what she wanted for breakfast.  One of her choices was dirt.  Which, of course,View full post »

The Miracle

They were childhood sweethearts.  Picture perfect.  And now they have been married for 12 years.  Not every day wasView full post »


I know no one has ever been to this point before.  It was late afternoon.  I was absolutely exhausted.  Zack was downView full post »

Three Reasons to Love

What two people in love can do. Three amazingly adorable kids. Three incredibly sweet, surprisingly funny, and oh so-soView full post »

Holiday Cards 2010

Here are some samples of all the different holiday cards that I will be offering this year.  So for those of you whoView full post »

Sneak Peak at Holiday Cards

Here is one sneak peak!  One of the many holiday cards that I will be offering this season.  So if you’reView full post »

Holiday Mini-Sessions

Let’s get ready for the holidays!  Check one more thing off your to-do list and get your Christmas pictures doneView full post »


As every facebook follower knows, I HATE grocery shopping.  With a passion.  With the kind of passion that starts andView full post »

Apples, Cool Whip containers, and Love

I don’t know how to start this post.  So let me tell you a little about them.  They met at BYU orientation onView full post »