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Just so you know…V

Nate’s favorite food?  Onions.  Me?  I don’t feel like I can commit to anything, but if I had to, as ofView full post »


Vacation.  I’m going on vacation.  Okay, it’s actually “vacation”, since my week away will beView full post »

Zack (aka. Buddy, Dude, and Zacky-Wacky)

I can’t believe I broke my own rule.  I had a free weekend and wanted to fit Zack’s one year photoshoot inView full post »

Happy Birthday

Dear Zack, A year ago today you were born.  In less than ideal circumstances, you were five weeks early.  But you wereView full post »

Just so you know…IV

Nate says we need to start thinking about Halloween costumes for this year.  I suggested we could all dress up likeView full post »

Proof he’s the right one

Before I got married, I knew that whoever was going to be the lucky guy had to not only be a best friend and partner forView full post »

Take 2!

Remember this family from a few weeks ago?  Our photoshoot was scheduled during a heat advisory here in Texas.  It wasView full post »