Monthly Archives: July 2010

Before life changes

I know you’d never tell, but this sweet mama is expecting.  And #3 is going to be a boy.  Which, I’mView full post »

It’s like riding a bike…

So as most of you know (and if you are a fan on Facebook, you DEFINITELY know), that Mackay is in swim lessons.  I donView full post »

Big News

In lieu of this weekend’s big news, I thought I could FINALLY post some pictures from a photoshoot I did a fewView full post »

Heat advisory and Elmo

So on the day of our photoshoot there was a heat advisory.  I’m not really from here, so I wasn’t quiteView full post »

Just so you know…III

The trial period of my Photoshop CS5 has expired.  So for the last WEEK I have kept the program open on my computer (View full post »

Proud momma

Proud that #1, the first thing she wrote by herself was “No boys allowed” And #2, that she is becoming quiteView full post »

Just so you know… II

I put some crafts of Mackay’s in the garbage can.  She found them.  (She always does.)  When she asked who would doView full post »

Record Keeping

I think the most usual, mundane, and “normal” parts of our children are the things that are least likely toView full post »