The “M” Family

My first memory of Denyse was with her dressed up as a clown.  Pig tails, overdone makeup, and a polka-dot dress.  Oh, and kind of really pregnant.  It was at a company Halloween party where you could tell she was the life of the party.  (Which is saying a lot if you can be so pregnant and still be happy and fun to be around.)  So when I saw them walking up to our meeting spot, my first thought was, “Dang, she is gorgeous!”  And then I saw those little girls.  And I knew we were going to have fun.  They were absolutely beautiful!  So here’s to a great sneak peak.

I brought some “My Little Pony” fruit snacks, and this little one became my best friend instantly.  During one of our last locations, she got up from her family, walked over to me, and said, “I want to stay by Miss Kalli!”  Sorry sister, you’ve got to be part of the picture!  So after a brief talk and a high five, she went back for more posing. :)

And little sister recently has been blessed with the gift of walking.  Everywhere.  She LOVED roaming around and discovering!

And if you’re  a fan on facebook, you already know my favorite shot of the day.  I absolutely love these candid moments that show the family at their best!

Stephanie - Love it! That is a beautiful family!!

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