Good news/Bad news

Here’s to my first installment of “good news/bad news”.  Hopefully more installments to come in the future!

The good news is we got to go to the beach this past weekend.  The bad news was our delayed flight getting there.

Good news: I had an awesome photoshoot Friday morning before we left.  Bad news: I’m not sure if Nate or I was supposed to pack for Mackay.  But somehow she ended up without underwear or a swimming suit.

Good news: I planned a photoshoot for the kids and Nate on the beach.  Bad news: a wave took them down.

Good news: Zack’s first beach experience.  Bad news: The sand apparently tasted amazing.

Good news: The weather was great, we prepped for a long day on the beach complete with ample amounts of sunscreen.  Bad news: Since the sunscreen was clear spray-on, we couldn’t tell where it hit us and where it didn’t.

Good news: Nate’s back looks HI.LAR.I.OUS and I got a picture.  Bad news: He won’t let me post it.

Good news: I have some pictures to share.  Bad news: I don’t have enough time to share them all!

Katie - Kalli these are amazing. I love how colorful they are. The kids look so cute and photogenic. You need to post some more so I can drool because they are just that good. I really do want you to come down and take our pictures this year so let me know when you guys are down. These photos are all amazing and I just love them. I need some done of my family and actually good ones and all of the ones you have taken are what I want.

Sarah - Super photos. Your kids are just too cute! I LOVE the one of Zack eating the sand, he looks very pleased with himself.

Linda - That was laugh-out-loud funny! I totally didn’t recognize Zack in the pictures with the hat on. For some reason, that does not look like Zack. He probably looks too old. Would pay money to see a picture of Nate’s back. And I am totally jealous of the beautiful weather. We had such a cold weekend!

Cammie - So cute! What fun! I still have never seen the ocean. Someday. . . I can’t believe how big Zack is! When did he get so old!

Nate - Kalli really likes taking pictures of our kids. I surprised she don’t post them more often. Good news: When are kids get married and want a photo montage, they’ll have a lot of pics to choose from.

Nate - I don’t really have that bad of grammar, just lazy fingers.

Stephanie - Super cute! That last picture is breathtaking. Even with your little girl drenched. :)

Brooke - Great beach pictures!!

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